BookFunnel/Kindle Giveaway

Starting in September, Mark My Words will be running a BookFunnel giveaway! What makes ours different from others out there already, you ask? Well, alongside giving readers the books, we will also be giving away a Kindle Fire!

If you’re interested in participating in September’s giveaway, the form to fill out is below, and is pretty straightforward. Sign up, send $50 (and your Bookfunnel link) to the email address listed, and wait for the promo to start! Once it does, we will need you to send it to your mailing list, and voila! That’s it!

What are we doing for the giveaway? We will be hosting it on our site, running Facebook advertising for it, selecting the Kindle winner, and organizing the promotion. Win – win – win, right?! Check out the signup below!